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Adam's Polishes Now Available!

Brittany Bechtel Now Available

Adam's Polishes Added to the Dynavin North America Lineup! Now Available!

We love our cars just as much as you do. So why not add an awesome car care line to keep them looking new?

Adam's Polishes premium car care line includes car wax, sealants, dressings, cleaners, and polishes – all 110% guaranteed to outshine and outlast any product you've used on your vehicle. Adam's Polishes products are not mass-produced and each is carefully formulated with special blends of high-quality polymers, acrylics, and waxes. Adam's Polishes constantly reevaluates and tests their blends to ensure that they are offering you the most technologically advanced and safe products available.

Adam's best sellers include: 

    Tire Shine 16 oz

Adam's Tire Shine is intended to offer a lustrous deep shine on tires. This product was designed specifically for those that prefer a deep, rich shine, or a wet tire look. 

    Car Shampoo 16 oz (concentrated)

Thick, luxurious suds, and a pH neutral formula make Adam’s Car Shampoo the ultimate way to wash your car. The concentrated formula produces more suds with less product and always rinses clean for a spot free finish that won’t scratch or leave water spots. Use it with the Foam Gun or the Foam Cannon (if you have a pressure washer) for a nice foamy application.

    H2O Guard & Gloss 16 oz

Revolutionary water- activated sealant protects, shines, and seals your paint in one easy step. Safe for all exterior surfaces, including trim.

    Detail Spray 16 oz

Adam's Polishes Detailing Spray can be used on your car's exterior as well as interior! Made for cleaning unsightly dirt from door jambs and badges. It enhances your car's gloss and shine and extends protection. It doesn't leave any streaking or residue! Plus, it smells super amazing!

    Wheel Cleaner 16 oz

Better performance, better scent! The ultimate way to remove stubborn brake dust and metallic contamination from your wheels. It even changes colors as it works! So shiny!

    Super VRT Tire & Trim Dressing 16 oz

Dress your tires and trim without worrying about slinging. Contains SPF 35 to protect against sun and leaves a clean, grease-free, freshly detailed finish! It even repels water! Makes the black plastic on your car shiny and as good as new! For hard to reach places (like grills and under the windshield, use Adam's aerosol version of the VRT Dressing called "In & Out Spray".)


My experience with Adam's Polishes:

After using several of these products on my car, I'm in love. My car looks brand new! Clean, shiny, plastic is black and glossy again... it's great! The downside is that now I notice the dirty spots when I haven't detailed it in awhile. Those door jambs especially irk me! (Needless to say, my favorite Adam's product is the Detail Spray.) 

If you want to see how all of these products work, check out the video on each product page. And if you have any questions, email me (Brittany).

We welcome before and after pictures especially if you have a Dynavin unit in your newly cleaned dash! So, get some Adam's stuff and get that car lookin' niiiiice.

See ya out there,




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