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The New Dynavin 8 Features

The Dynavin 8 is now available! 

We have been working closely with Dynavin to improve upon quality and features with the feedback from our customers and dealers. We are excited to finally have built-in wireless Apple CarPlay and seamless smartphone screen-mirroring in addition to wired Android Auto! 


Dynavin 8's New Features and Improvements

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay: The Dynavin 8 now has built-in Android Auto (wired & wireless) and Apple CarPlay (wireless). Simply plug your phone into the "Z-Link" USB port and it will initiate automatically.

Backup Camera: All of our Dynavin radios are compatible with universal-style aftermarket backup cameras (sold separately). Select models integrate with the factory camera such as the Dynavin 8 for the Mustang 2015-2022.

GPS Navigation: The Dynavin 8 also includes built-in GPS navigation maps for on-board navigation when you can't use Android Auto or Apply CarPlay.

Android OS: Download apps via the Google Play Store

Bluetooth: Additionally, Dynavin radios have built-in Bluetooth for music streaming and hands-free phone calls. Pair it one time and it connects automatically after that.

Firmware Updates: Firmware updates are released periodically for software bug fixes and general improvements. You can find those here

Dynavin 8 vs. Dynavin N7 Pro

Dynavin 8

Dynavin N7 Pro (previous model)

Wireless CarPlay and Wireless/Wired Android Auto

Wired CarPlay and Wired Android Auto

Google OS for downloading apps from the Google Play Store


Smartphone screen-mirroring (wired)


GPS iGO Primo next gen nav software built-in

GPS iGO Primo nav software on microSD card inserted in external NAV card slot

32gb+ internal storage capacity (can add up to 128gb for units with SD card slots only)


Faster USB charging

Slow charging USB only

Built-in audio RCA ports

Separate harnesses for audio RCAs

Plug-and-Play installation

Bluetooth (phone calls & audio streaming)

Integrates with steering wheel controls

High quality sound processor with 9-band EQ

Integrates with factory DSP, fiber optic, and other premium sound systems

Compatible with aftermarket cameras (select models integrate with factory camera)

Customizable image boot screen

Firmware Updatable




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