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NEW! Dynavin 9 D9-7005 Plus Universal 7" Radio Navigation System [SHIPS LATE JULY]

NEW! Dynavin 9 D9-7005 Plus Universal 7" Radio Navigation System [SHIPS LATE JULY]

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Universal 7" Radio

  • Premium 7″/16:9 LCD capacitive touchscreen display (resolution 1024 x 600)
  • Android 11 OS with 4GB RAM
  • Select 64GB or 192GB app storage capacity
  • Apple CarPlay Wireless & Wired 
  • Android Auto Wireless (Beta) & Wired
  • Smartphone screen-mirroring
  • Supports steering wheel control input (required vehicle-specific adapter not included).
  • Customizable boot logo. Make any image your start up screen!
  • Dynaway GPS navigation software pre-installed (maps for North America)
  • Reverse/backup and/or front camera ready; compatible with aftermarket backup cameras (see backup cameras sold separately)
  • Google Play Store preinstalled. Connects to the internet via built-in WiFi module.
  • Integration of the CANBUS solution for steering wheel operation and parking sensor.
  • Bluetooth for audio streaming and hands-free calls via any smartphone (Android, Apple, etc.). External microphone included.
  • FM RDS TMC tuner with DSP noise masking and 15 preset stations
  • Integrated sound DSP processor with 16-band EQ and time correction. 
  • AV input/output for aftermarket subs/amps, etc.
  • Multimedia player via USB connection.
  • Order MFK-S or MFK-H for metal cage and plastic frame.
  • Periodic firmware updates available here
  • One year warranty through Dynavin North America - Fresno, CA 


Apple CarPlay 


With Apple CarPlay, iPhone users have an incredibly intuitive solution on board to make calls, use maps, listen to music and use messages with just a word or the touch of a button. You can enjoy Spotify, internet radio, or podcasts while still concentrating on the road. Dynavin 9 supports wireless and wired Apple CarPlay and screen-mirroring.

For a list of compatible Apple CarPlay apps, visit:

Android Auto Compatible

Android Auto is a mobile app made by Google that connects your Android phone to your car's touchscreen display allowing you to use your Android phone while driving without having to pick it up. With Android Auto, Android users have an incredibly intuitive solution to make calls, use maps, listen to music, and use messages with just a word or touch of a button. Dynavin 9 supports wired Android Auto and screen-mirroring.

For Android Auto apps, visit:

Fast Boot

The Dynavin 9 fast boot features allows the radio system to boot in 3 seconds so users can enjoy their music and use the system quickly. 

Google Play Store 

The Google Play Store allows users to install Android apps via WiFi connection. 

Customizable Start Screen (Boot Logo)

With our own DynOS operating system, you have the option of changing the picture on the start screen and the logos of the stored radio stations.

Backup Camera

Further upgrade your car with an aftermarket camera! The Dynavin 8 is backup and/or front camera ready! See backup cameras sold separately.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Ready

Add the SiriusXM Connect Vehicle tuner (SiriusXM tuner sold separately) to listen to your SiriusXM subscription anytime, anywhere.

Dynaway GPS Navigation Software (pre-installed maps for North America)

No cell service? No problem! Always know where you are with GPS navigation with 3D view, online TMC* and TTS. Dynaway guarantees one free map update within 30 days of first use. Purchase and download the latest map data from 3 or 7 years of unlimited map data updates available for purchase at Additional map regions are also available for purchase.

Equalizer Presets

Extensive sound adjustment settings to get the best out of your sound system and adjust to your preference. The built-in 16-band parametric EQ allows separate adjustment for the front and rear channels with professional-level precision.

Fader and Balance

Simply drag the crosshairs on the touchscreen to the desired position on the illustration of the vehicle interior to set the fader balance and time correction. 



  • Android 11 OS with 4GB RAM and 64GB or 192GB storage capacity
  • Supports AHD backup cameras
  • Supports Dynavin 9 Heads-up Display (sold separately)
  • Output power: 4 x 45 W high-power amplifiers
  • 5 pre-outs (3 V, front / rear / subwoofer)
  • Menu language: English / German / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Dutch / Greek / Italian / Polish / Danish
  • Camera connection & built-in controls for Dynavision multi-view cameras 
  • Camera guidelines setting
  • Rear view camera display Automatic / Fast boot up
  • 16-band EQ
  • Automatic dimmer
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Compatible with start-stop system


  • Display: 7-inch (LVDS)
  • Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels (RGB)
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Anti-reflective display
  • Working system: TFT active matrix
  • Active area: 153.6 (H) x 86.64 (V) mm


  • Wireless and wired Apple CarPlay 
  • Wired Android Auto 
  • Smartphone screen-mirroring


  • FM Frequency Range: 87.5-108.0MHz
  • AM Frequency Range: 530-1710KHZ
  • FM Utility Sensitivity: 5-6db
  • FM Stop Sensitivity: 22db
  • AM Stop Sensitivity: 21db
  • With left and right stereo channels
  • Signal to noise ratio: 56db
  • Manual station storage for 15 stations
  • RDS functions: AF, TA, station text
  • Automatic channel search function
  • High-cut high-frequency attenuation function
  • Support for changing FM/AM memory space images
  • Optional switching on and off of the radio antenna

Sound Tuning

  • Maximum output power: 4 x 45 W
  • Adjustable subwoofer level
  • Subwoofer, bass, middle, treble phase selectable
  • Equalizer: Pop, Rock, Classic
  • 16-band parametric equalizer
  • faders and balance
  • Digital Time Correction
  • Adjustable volume reduction when parking
  • Maximum switch-on volume adjustable

GPS Navigation Software

  • Preinstalled Dynaway navigation software
  • Maps: North America
  • Online map update via
  • Free map update within 30 days after first use


    • Maps: North America
    • Menu languages: 28 languages
    • Advanced address search
    • postcode search
    • Free Search
    • Search with parts of words
    • Advanced POI functions
    • Smart Routes: Use of historical traffic data
    • Fast route calculation
    • Advanced route planning
    • Map display: 2D top view, 2D north-up, 3D
    • 3D city maps: 3D building views
    • Display of elevation profiles
    • 3D Interchanges: 3D rendering of interchanges
    • tunnel mode
    • highway mode
    • Navi mix mode
    • Direct dialing by phone from POI data
    • Online map update via
    • Free map update after first registration on


    • GPS antenna included
    • GPS reception frequency 1,575.42 ± 1 MHz
    • GPS reception sensitivity -165 dB max
    • Positioning accuracy: 10 m, 2D RMS
    • Data update rate: 1HZ
    • Reacquisition time: 0.1 s on average


    • USB specification: supports USB fast charging
    • Audio playback (supported formats: APE/FLAC/M4A/MP3/WMA/WAV)
    • Video playback (supported formats: MPEG-4/AVI/FLV/MPEG/MPG/DAT/VOB/MKV)
    • Image browsing (supported formats: JPG/BMP/PNG/JPEG)
    • Playback Mode: Shuffle / Single Loop / All Loop / Folder Loop
    • Image can be set as start screen
    • Sync Song Album Pictures
    • Movable progress bar
    • Video playback speed x2/ x4
    • Saves Playback Progress
    • Support for dashboard display of songs/composers
    • Support steering wheel to control song/volume level up/down
    • Search by file/folder name
    • Supports up to 256GB USB storage device


    • BT audio streaming from smartphone
    • Display song title/lyrics/artist
    • Steering wheel can control song track (forward/back) and volume level

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