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Flush Mount USB Cable Extension 6ft

Flush Mount USB Cable Extension 6ft

$ 19.99
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The "Flush Mount USB Cable Extension" connects to the USB port on the back of the Dynavin head unit and provides a 6ft extension to create a USB port that looks factory. Mount it in your interior wherever you prefer such as on the console, armrest, or in a storage compartment. It can be used to connect to Apple CarPlay/Android Auto via the Dynavin iLink Pro dongle (for the N7 PRO) or to connect to the general "Media" USB port on the back of the Dynavin to use with a USB/flash drive to play your music.

Install Overview: The female end of the cable features a flush mountable design. You can simply drill a 3/4” hole at the desired mounting location and snap the end of the cable in for an OEM-look. It also features a mounting bracket that can be used to mount the USB connector without drilling holes in the vehicle. Snap the cable into the bracket and mount it wherever you'd like.

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